Thank you for your interest in renting or purchasing our film! Below you can find out more information on renting or purchasing PROTECT. Please locate the type of screening you’ll be renting or purchasing the film for, and click the price button below.

Rent Protect for 24-hours

(Venmo Link Coming Soon)

Purchase the DVD for a University, Library, or Non-Profit

Minority-serving Colleges/Universities, $75
Community colleges, $75
Non-MSI Colleges/Universities, $150
Non-profits/Grassroots Groups, $75
K-12/Public Libraries, $75
(Link to purchase coming soon)

Organize a screening

Community screening, less than 100-people, $50
Community screening, more than 100-people, $100
Conference/Event screening, $150
(Link to purchase coming soon)

Host a House Party/Home Screening

House Party/Home Screening, $20
(Link to purchase coming soon)

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